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Recovery and Rescue-All Binging/Purging Sub Types
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NOTE: This is NOT A PRO ED community. If you are a member of any wanarexic communities you wont be accepted, yes I do check and have turned away several people for this. thank you, your Mod

This community is for those with pre-existing eating disorders.

This is an eating disordered community. It is not a pro-ed community. The community is focused on recovery/prevention of binging and purging. The aim of the community is to offer to support to those wishing to escape the binge purge cycle, and to help discover your own personal triggers and develop other coping mechanisms.

-Membership is moderated.

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-Please make all entries FRIENDS ONLY
-No ANa/Mia references, use full names for your disease. Pet names for diseases are not cute
-Be considerate to all members, and be supportive
-Stay active
-No TyPiNg LyKe ThIS. It PiSsEs Me OfF. ThAnKszzzzzzzzzzz!!!!one1111!!!!
-Nobody is perfect, so spell check please
-Do not bash members unless they deserve it
-We're trying to maintain a mature environment, but appropiate nonsense is allowed if its related to the topic
-All photos under a lj cut. Learn how to make them. (look in the faq)
-Extremely long posts under lj cuts.
- All members must post introductions or risk getting kicked out
-Trigger material under lj cuts

Questions or Concerns? Contact a mod!




community contact email
-all mods can be contacted at this address: self_induced_edcommunity@hotmail.com

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After being accepted into the community, introduce yourself, a photo is nice also so we can put a name to the face. Giving stats is your own choice. Give us a brief history, and outline your situation and disorder.

I want to keep this a friendly, productive community, so join!

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There will be community activities/challenges once or twice a week. Joining in is not cumpulsory, but they are there to be beneficial to your progress and allows us to support you more. Challenges/Activities will be based on the following topics

-Self Esteem Building
-Binge Prevention
-Purging Prevention
-Developing Healthier habits

Activities & Challenges previous and currently in progress:

-10 reasons to recover or stop binging/purging habits

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